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Business Opportunity | How to make money online


Business Opportunity | How to make money online

To experience true financial freedom, you must be able to make money in an good market condition or bad market condition.
Imagine for a moment living a life without financial limitations on your business,

on where you are living right now and this by starting to creat an online business with as low as $100


Would you like to have a business where you can make money with a simple click, where you can find an

unlimitted opportunity and all this by not spending more than 2hours a day or less.
And for me only one business offer this, and it’s a “Trading Business”

But before to put any money in this business… let me tell you how you can try it, and see if this it’s for you!

If yes…Great you can start as you steps and grow it at your speed.

If no…well… you did give a shot, and you did not spend a penny to see if this is for you.

Business Opportunity | Strategy of the week

SI 12-14 (Daily)  03_07_2014 - 24_10_2014Daily Silver chart!

After seeing stock market breaking strong bearish trend, and comming back to 1950area again, it will be interesting to see how silver will react. If stock market still going up, Silver should start to creat news lows till 16$. But in others side, if stock market continue to fall, silver will defentetly go back to 18.5$.

For now, I’m on both side, depending witch trend line will be broken.

More updates will comming tommorow about silver tranding!


SP500 emini futures price projection


S&P500 Emini Futures Price and Direction, watching as we had a capitulatory sell this past week and watching the retracement (38.2)

SP500 emini futures priceThe S&P500 emini futures price and direction to start the week. The first major resistance is the 200MA at 1890. Buyers tested this Friday with a a move up to pierce but not close above. Support is at 1864 with a closed gap on the opening price action.


Today’s Projected range
1850 to 1900
Volume could fall off
Resistance 1893 and 1900 1913
Support to 1864 1850
Capitulation to 1800

Watching for this to stay in a tight range, no dominant pattern as there could be buyers following through on Friday’s momentum.

Possibility of a Inverted Head and Shoulders with a return to 1940.

Knock Kock… Whos there? Bear Market


Knock Kock… Whos there? Beark Market

Hey guys! So anyone took any profits from the market on last 5-6years Bull market?

As I show you on last picture, a Bull market usually last for 5 years, after what, there was

a major correction. After hitting 2000.00 on SP 500 Stock Market ( witch represent the direction of all stock market direction), it start to show some major weakness in every chart frames.

For those who made money on Bull market,CONGRATULATION :) ! but..when do you get off? and what is your strategy? Just protect your gain, or make in 1-2 years the same amount , and even more what it took you during last 5-6 years?

And for those who want to profits from this market Correction (Crash), …because the next one won’t happen not before another 8-10 years…Do you know how to do?

Unfortunately,I won’t be able to make any future calls in for you guys, with already some extraordinary profits for this year, I will focus on trading the market, so I can take more profits from. I was waiting this moment since 2008…and it’s finally happening!

For those who want to learn how make in 2 years what others Investors took 5 years to make on the market, your welcome to join us on the very special event this weekend, where you will learn everything what you need about trading, and how to trade, and this from any market. Sounds crazy…it is…but… it’s also Real!

(Please read all Instruction properly for 4-6 events!)

And for those who will attend the event, you will also receive a private support by e-mail, or  live, so we help you to take the MAXIMUM in profits from the Market!

Have a Great End Of trading this years! is when you make the most profits or the market! Talk to you Next Year! Happy New years!


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