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Day Trading SP500 Stock Market


Free 270x300 Day Trading SP500 Stock Marketsp 500

Stock Market


Day Trading SP500 Stock Market

Was looking on SP500 those last days. Quite few interesting thing happen. First, Sellers start to be more present, and market volatility start to rise. Even $VIXX start to rise, and looking to make new highs.

But if you look deeply, this is kind confusing. On daily chart, SP500 was able to stay above the last bottom at 1957.00 area.

…and depending on different time frame, different direction was showing….so what is going on?


es 60 min chart 300x157 Day Trading SP500 Stock Marketsp 500

day trading stock

Day Trading SP500 Stock Market 60min Chart

I choose 60min chart, because I was able to clearly see sellers and buyers move with they volatility. If you look closely, you could see that last move down by sellers was extremely low, and buyers was very strong.

By adding few points like: as Buyers create new support trend line, and get back in the market with very strong volume. They show great momentum for the next move up to break sellers bearish Chanel.

Actually..only half of last volume should be more than enough to bring SP500 price back to last tops at 1977.00 area.   On sellers side, yes they still have momentum to keep selling, but with all new buyers supports, they would need alot of commitment to bring SP500 Stock Market, back to last bottom.

Day Trading Bonds To Win


Free 270x300 Day Trading Bonds To Winday trading course 2

Stock Market ToDay


Day Trading Bonds To Win

Bond’s Buyers test Today quite very important double top. they miss it, by using lack of commitment. After what sellers saw this and start to sell. Sellers volume was good, but the fact they did not break the Bullish trend, make me think, buyers are not done yet. Looking to see the last and decisive move up this night, after what we would now if we are going to the 146points, or to are of 135-134, and restart all over again.


bonds 60min 300x157 Day Trading Bonds To Winday trading course 2

day trading bonds

Day Trading bonds 60min chart

I took the long position yesterday, after market bee close. Was one with .5% risk, since I get in quite late. Unfortunately I was busy to day and not in the market, and wasn’t able to take out at the top on this trade, but fortunately, I will be able to stay little positive on this trade if the Bullish trend will be broken this night.

For Buyers: Last move was volatile, they was able to go above the last double top, but did not make it. Since buyers was able to bring the price to news daily higs, without much commitment,  there’s a chance the second time they will close above the double top, and Bonds should jump to 146.00points.

For Sellers: If they break the bullish trend, sellers would start to jump in and keep selling. But before get to they objective by bringing price back to area of 135-134 points, they will probably take  a break at 136.00. If they stay to long, This will play against them, and Bonds would probably consolidate for a will between 137 and 136 before getting new direction.

Forex Day Trading USDZAR


Free 270x300 Forex Day Trading USDZARlearn how to trade

Forex Day Trading


Forex Day Trading USDZAR

USDZAR is another one that give me great position with already good ROI%, over 4:1 and pay me during rollovers.

USDZAR can be more expensive to trade…and is harder to take a low trade risk, if you don’t put your preventative stop properly.

By counting the spread and the wild move it can offer, is not a pair I recommend to trade for those who start to trade Forex.

…but if done properly it call payoff very nicely.

usdzr M pattern 300x175 Forex Day Trading USDZARlearn how to trade Forex Day Trading USDZAR Daily Chart

As you can see, my risk compare to my entry point was very close ( stop was 10.7997price)…

For now, sellers are keep sealing and the candlestick that it give me, would maybe give me another opportunity to add some position.

The key of this trade is to see sellers break the following bullish trend, and if this done successfully and without hesitation, we should see USDZAR fall till 10.30038price, to complete this “M” pattern.




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