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Day Trading System



Day Trading System

Day Trading System for all market. Day trading is easy once you master your system.

On following Images/words you will see when I made my call, what I say, and what happen. This is results of MoneyMakerEdge System.

Silver targets

Silver chart


Silver Chart: Call only for Short for next 5 business Day. target Filled 3/3

About my 2nd targets I mention this :<<I have one tricky target, is one good support for buyers and depend how long it will take to go to this support, it will depend also on the price to sell my 2nd target. Looking for  a small consolidation there.>>

Not far from true,right?





SP 500 on ES E-mini chart; On this one I was Both, Short and Long, depending on futures days.

<<Depending on how market will close on Monday or Tuesday, I will decide to take a trade or not. If I have no signal, I pass for this week once again. Also, depending how market will close this week, it will tell us how February will be.If market Close lower than ~1461.00, or even better; lower than 1442.00 , I’m looking to Short February. If we close between 1500 to 1461, I’m looking for another months of consolidation / low volume, till the Fiscal Cliff.>>    Well…we close, at 1490 about….and happen what I was looking for, low volume, and consolidation till Fiscal Cliff, US GV, start to talk more about and looking to fix this before the dead line, this time… Will see….As I mention on last S&P500 post, I don’t touch Us Index, till clear direction/Correction.


Gold Target

Gold Chart

Gold Chart: CALL SHORT like on silver

Gold , like silver…was looking for short. Got my 2nd Target, Gold was made on Weekly chart. Very happy that on my first week gold drop to 1610price (about).




DAX Chart: Call Short on Weekly Chart.

<<For now,Sellers are wining. The reason I’m waiting till the end of this month, is because we may see sellers win for a short terms. And then let buyers take the control of market to exhausts them. And then, Sellers will take control again more easily. If we see this, buyers can go till double top or my “Red line”.>> There you go! …Sellers won on short therm, and then buyers take all control of market. Get Exhausted and then Sellers took all control again more easily.




Brent Crude oil Chart

Brent Crude Oil Chart:

<<I’m both there, Long and Short, depending of which direction market will go.>> BRN go Long…We go Long :)

Update after 4 week i think :<<For next week , if sellers win on Monday, with more than 200k of volumes. We will see a 50% retracement, to my red line. Is possible to see price go down till 110.35 , but buyers should not support this price, and close above ~111.45 (red line)>>

There you go once again:)


Crude Oil

Crude Oil Chart


Crude Oil Chart:

<<Long or short: depends if we close above/under a trend line. And we need a clear winner. Sellers or Buyers with more than 6k of volume.And watch out for Head Fake!>> 

<<PS: even if on day trading Oil Crude chart we have a “Long” trend, The “red line” i use to show or down trend, are much more stronger. Is why if buyers win at start, they may not support the price at the end of the day.>>

We did have a “Head Fake” as you can see on next day. And Buyers did not support Red Line Price. And sellers retest the “green trend line”. On Next day, Buyers close above trend line.And I was looking for a clear winner, and we got one.


 ***This post was to show you what MoneyMakerEdge course can do for you.. As you can see , be an Annalist trader is one thing. But be able see the movement of Market and understand is another thing.

Also I was looking to show you how precise you can be on time/moment , movement and targets.  Once you have all those 3 thing and you learn how manage your risk. You will become a Master of Day Trading.

And let me tell you…once you get at this level,you master Day Trading System….you feel AWESOME! 🙂 Have  a Great Week-End everyone.

Post By Konstantin Vedernikov (227 Posts)

I Start trading, about 7 years ago, to day I'm trading daily. Keep Mastering my Day trading for next 5 Business day by having high accuracy every time. Thank You

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