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Day trading Course S&P 500


Day trading Course S&P 500

Day Trading Course of S&P500 for Market Movement and Targets for next week  ,by using ES E-mini.

As you know, wee finally hit the1500 points on ES. First thing to notice, we did not close above 1500(only on S&P 500 index). Second thing to notice; we got about 1500K. of volumes when average was 1000k past days. So, with 500k of extra volume, we wasn’t able to close above 1500 points. I won’t say is a big deal, but is something to considerate.

ES 03 13 Daily 10 09 2012 25 01 2013 150x150 Day trading Course S&P 500day trading course 2 Depending on how market will close on Monday or Tuesday, I will decide to take a trade or not. If I have no signal, I pass for this week once again. Also, depending how market will close this week, it will tell us how February will be.

If market Close lower than ~1461.00, or even better; lower than 1442.00 , I’m looking to Short February. 

If we close between 1500 to 1461, I’m looking for another months of consolidation / low volume, till the Fiscal Cliff.

PS: Next week we have many important news, every day. I’m looking for very volatile week on Market.


“my 3 Arrows” : Is to show how volatility,day after day drop.Is normal, since we hit 1500 points.

“MA 50″ : Are another Target

“Consolidation zone #1″: If market drop, and stay in 1st consolidation zone, MA50 will support buyers price, and we can expect for “Long” direction then.

“Consolidation zone #2″: If market Drop till 2nd consolidation zone, 50MA will be a resistance to Buyers. But Buyers still have 1429 Price to support them.

MoneyMakerEdge Day trading course will teach you what you need know to be successful trader.

-Master Chart Analise

-Control You Mind

-Understand Market Movement

 Day trading Course S&P 500day trading course 2

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